Confidently hire data professionals

Chisel manages pre-hire assessments of key competencies

When needing a data specialist, you want to be sure candidates can actually do the
assignment. With so many variations of specialties, from database management to
data visualization, it can be hard to determine if someone truly has the skills to do
the work you need.

In addition, depending on your own skills and experience, would you be able to
properly determine if a candidate were competent in a given technology or
language? In many cases, the answer is no.

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Chisel Analytics solves this problem by facilitating skills assessments on key skills,
languages and tools

  • functional competencies in data science
  • Machine learning and AI
  • data engineering
  • report design and visualization and
  • basic analytics and data interpretation

With ratings and badges displayed with their profiles, candidates can be evaluated
pre-interview based on objective criteria.

In addition, organizations can hire against budget, evaluating what degree of expertise is
required against spending options.

Chisel promotes continuous learning, which most organizations desire internally among their
employees. By having publically displayed badges, there is social support for continuing to build out their knowledge and skills and to share success stories.

All of this helps organizations find the best data talent to meet your needs

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