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  • At Chisel Analytics, we know the potential of analytics can have a hugely positive impact on your bottom line but understand that both data analytics and data science can at times seem confusing, overwhelming and expensive. It may feel like incorporating data science, machine learning and related technologies is out of reach for your company. That’s why we've made it our mission to make analytic tools, techniques and, most importantly, qualified talent available to companies of all sizes and industries, without all of the jargon and confusion. We make it easy to get the information you need to thrive and reach your business, IT and analytics goals. To help make analytics more accessible to you, we’ve created a platform that breaks down the barriers to data analytics and data science.

    We give you and your team the ability to manage your own programs and scale your capabilities to the unique needs of your business and your customers. We challenge you to expect more from your data through the Chisel Analytics difference.

We help you:

1. Find Qualified Talent for projects, short- and long-term placements

2. Pursue Data Analytics Projects

3. Manage Projects

4. Facilitate Analytics Teams

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Our Mission

Analytics is complicated and expensive, and it can feel inaccessible. Our mission is
to improve access to the tools, techniques and talent for all types of organizations.
We also believe that analytics specialists should have access to tailored career
options that allow them to explore new challenges and provide value to more than
one organization.

That’s why we’ve created a platform to break down the standing barriers to
analytics. Our solution allows organizations to manage their programs, and scale
their capabilities based on the unique needs of their customers and operations.

Chisel Analytics

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