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In today’s world, running a business driven by data is a requirement. Yet the
challenges to finding the right talent are numerous.

marker Where can I go to find the right data science and analytics talent?

marker What skills and technologies are necessary for which projects?

marker Can people really do what they say on their resume?

marker Do they have practical and/or industry experience?

marker How much time is required before a new hire is fully productive?

Chisel Analytics takes care of these issues by connecting you with the best talent in
data science. As a dedicated source for data science and data analytics talent, we
consult with companies looking to solve business problems using data.

Our team and tools can help qualify exactly which technologies, languages and skills are required to achieve the results you are seeking.

We offer a range of talent solutions to provide you access to individuals experienced with the tools and techniques you need. With our Partnership plan, we provide white glove experience, allowing you to quickly and confidently find the right talent for your needs.

Project Management Built
for Analytics

With our Partnership plan, you’ll get white‐glove access to the right talent for your analytics needs.

Chisel Analytics works with your internal HR/ recruiting department, recruiting agencies and company leaders.
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