Find the Right Data and Analytics Talent for your Clients

Chisel Analytics provides recruiters with the tools they need to find top talent for their clients. We specialize in helping you find talent in data science, data engineering, report development, machine learning and AI, and other advanced areas

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We are experts in Data and Analytics Talent

Recruiting Solutions

For recruiters, Chisel provides access to a pre-screened network of analytics talent, and the ability to assess the skills of candidates in your own network.


Invite candidates from your own network and recommend them to your clients, with confidence. (learn more)

Analytics Talent Network

Source talent from our network of analytics professionals ready for onsite and remote positions, contract or full-time roles.

Applicant Tracking and Interviewing

Chisel’s tools allow you to connect with and interview candidates, and work with them throughout the placement cycle.

Reducing Unconscious Bias

Search tools allow you to find specialized talent for your needs objectively, so you know you’re getting the candidates you need.

Quality talent makes all the difference when applying data analytics in your business

We invite you to experience the Chisel difference and to work with our extraordinary talent pool and recruiting solutions.

To learn more about what Chisel Analytics can do for you, sign-up for a free trial or complete the form and we will be in touch with you soon.