Find analytics talent
and scale your

Chisel connects organizations with proven analytics consultants

  • Using data is essential for businesses in today’s competitive environment, and time is of the essence. Team members skilled in data and analytics can be the key to success or failure for businesses of all sizes.

    Chisel Analytics matches skilled and pre-qualified talent with projects and positions, increasing speed to productivity, reducing risk and improving confidence in candidates hired.

    Sign up to manage your analytics programs and access the specialized talent you need. After completing an optional needs assessment, you’ll have access to Chisel’s talent platform of consultants.

    Bring your team along to manage existing efforts, and quickly incorporate experts from our talent network to push your teams to the leading edge of analytics.

    To learn more about hiring or joining our talent pool, sign-up for a free trial or complete the form and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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    Choose the plan that best
    suits your needs…


    Self service — Use exclusive
    filtering techniques to elect the
    talent that you feel best matches
    your need.
    Our Professional membership allows you to add your team and manage your existing portfolio of analytics work and partner on talent or contractor sourcing.


    Partnership — Chisel’s tools allow
    you to better understand your
    objectives and needs so
    recommendations for candidates.
    This allows Chisel to ensure the
    talent being sought is, in fact, the
    talent you need.

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    Ready to get started? Join our
    network today!

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    Here’s how we can help

    Projects tailored for you

    Stay ahead of the curve and build the analytics roadmap your organization

    icoProject recommendations tailored to your organization

    icoPrepopulated templates to help you get started

    Take our 6 question assessment to find out where to start

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    Project management built for analytics

    Our tools help you keep your efforts moving and your data analytics team

    icoScheduling and task management


    icoTeam collaboration

    icoPayment management

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    Top analytics talent

    Find the best talent for your organization’s project or full time needs

    icoAccess a validated talent pool of analytics experts for full
    time roles

    icoPost full time roles

    icoUse our video based interview tools

    icoFind data and analytics experts for project-specific

    Are you an analytics expert? Join our network

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    Project-based collaboration

    Keep your team organized and moving forward

    icoProject-based chat and video conferencing

    icoShare data sets and documentation

    icoCode and query snippet libraries

    icoKeep track of the insights you’re generating

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