Harness the Power
of Your Data with Analytics

Chisel provides end-to-end strategy and consulting services to help you
stay on the leading edge of analytics -- and position you for success.

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Embark on your Analytics Journey

There is a gap between wanting to have a data driven organization and knowing how to get there. With what's at stake, you want to make sure that you have the best strategy and plans for implementation -- and the right people to carry it out. Chisel Analytics has the experience and resources to help your company create a cutting edge, data analytics team and support digital transformation.

Our Consulting services include:

Develop Your Analytics Strategy
Build your Team

Organizational readiness

The potential for analytics is accelerating. We can help you determine how you’re positioned to take advantage ofthese capabilities.

Analytics roadmap development

Have an analytics function, but need help with direction and next steps? We can help you craft a roadmap to effective analytics products.

Data needs

Are you using your data effectively? Are there other sources that may benefit you? We can help you create a dictionary of information that can help you make progress.

Applications for AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning applications are growing in availability. We can help you determine how they can be best applied in your organization.

Tools and Visualizations

New tools and techniques enter the market daily. We can help you navigate and determine which are best for your organization and employees.

Staffing strategies

Every organization is different. Based on your goals and resources, we can help you build the optimal team with a mix a permanent and as-needed resources.

Talent sourcing

Looking for new team members for projects or permanent roles? We can help you find the right talent, with confidence.

Starting or growing your analytics program can be daunting. Chisel Analytics works with you to ensure smooth sailing.

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