Harness the Power
of Your Data with Analytics

Chisel provides end-to-end strategy development and consulting services to help you stay on the leading edge of analytics -- and become truly data driven.

There is a gap between wanting to have a data driven organization and knowing how to get there.

We help our clients move forward with their digital and data transformation efforts. From strategy to execution, or staffing and upskilling, our mission is to ensure our clients have the tools they need to be come truly data driven and make the best use of their information. 

Our consulting team has decades of industry experience, and can help you design your end-to-end analytics programs, expand on what’s working, or pursue the new capabilities you need to become truly data-driven.

How We Can Help

Develop Your Analytics Strategy
Build your Team

Assess Your Organization's Readiness

The potential for analytics is accelerating. We can help you determine how you’re positioned to take advantage ofthese capabilities.

Develop Your Analytics Roadmap

Have an analytics function, but need help with direction and next steps? We can help you craft a roadmap to effective analytics products.

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Identify Your Data, Infrastructure and Tool Needs

Are you using your data effectively? Are there other sources that may benefit you? What tools do you have and are they the most applicable to your work?

We can help you determine the end-to-end landscape of resources you need to achieve your objectives.

Unlock Potential Applications for Machine Learning / AI

AI and machine learning applications are growing in availability. We can help you determine how they can be best applied in your organization.

Reporting and Visualizations

Our experts can help you put your data into practice through leading-edge dashboard design and development, reporting automation and other information delivery need.

Staffing strategies

Every organization is different. Based on your goals and resources, we can help you build the optimal team with a mix a permanent and as-needed resources.

Talent sourcing

Looking for new team members for projects or permanent roles? We can help you find the right talent, with confidence.


Need to Up Skill your team? We can help you implement a tailored, but proven curriculum.

Our Mission is to Help You Become Data Driven

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