Cut through the
clutter when hiring analytics talent

Chisel ensures that permanent additions to your staff have the skills they
claim to have

If you need to add permanent members to your data or analytics team, Chisel
Analytics can accelerate the process.

Even if you are an expert practitioner, committing the time and energy to find and
validate the talent you need can be overly time consuming.

And, in many situations, hiring managers, recruiters or small or medium sized business owners owners aren’t experts in different aspects of data science. What skills are needed? What technologies are required?

Start building your analytics team

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Chisel ensures that the candidates you need are the candidates you connect with. From job
postings to pre-qualifying candidates, Chisel does the hard part of talent management, so you
don’t have to.

Members of Chisel’s talent pool complete rigorous assessments to objectively evaluate the
individual level of competency across principal areas of data and analytics, allowing you to
access the talent you need, when you need it.