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Chisel's collaboration tools make it easy

Most managers encourage their team to be in regular communication and agile approaches require it. But managing these conversations and the many other discussions required on data analytics projects can be challenging and time consuming.

Chisel has solved these issues with their proprietary collaboration tools. From one-click video or chat messaging to a centralized internal workspace for collaboration on code and more, these tools keep everyone informed, engaged and connected.

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By keeping these communications and resources all together in an online project portfolio, it is easy to find, reference and refine developments in a centralized hub. In addition, a library of internal resources are built out, streamlining future projects and developments.

The collaboration tools don’t stop there. Chisel has applied its insights to incorporate recruiting, scheduling interviews and NDA processing into the tool, so that as additional resources are needed, and feedback requested, it is easy to do so from within the tool.

In combination with Chisel’s project management tools, your subscription to Chisel Analytics provides you with a customized solution to managing data analytics projects and teams, decreasing the time and effort required and allowing you to deliver greater results.