Find specialty talent
for data projects

Augment your existing staff or test the waters with Chisel's range of data specialists

Many companies have data analytics projects, but don’t have the internal resources to meet demand. Internal functions may be focused on existing work, or lack the skills needed to perform a particular technique or use a specific tool.

Adding full time resources isn’t always an option, so many companies simply do without.

Chisel Analytics recognizes this challenge and can help solve it.

Scale your analytics capabilities

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Chisel’s pre-qualified talent pool includes data specialists looking for project work. Interested
in project work, either as their sole source of employment, or for additional income or to
enhance their skills and experience, Chisel’s talent is available to meet your company’s
demanding data needs.

By completing Chisel’s simple needs survey when signing-up, you will have access to a
tailored pool of data experts with a proven ability to use different tools and techniques.
Build your own distributed analytics team to augment internal resources or bring on talent
strictly as needed for specific project needs.

Plus, with Chisel’s project management and collaboration tools, you can manage the projects
with ease. From using our pre-populated project plans to managing contractor payments, our
tools streamline the time and effort required to employ temporary data specialists.