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Chisel's Skill Assessments allow you to better understand the capabilities of your current and incoming team members.

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Our Assessments Make it Simple
to Understand Your Capabilities


SQL capabilities are a foundational aspect of many data science roles. Being able to efficiently wrangle information is a must for teams dealing with varied, complex data sets. 

Our SQL assessments give you confidence that the candidate has the hands-on experiences you need.


So, you’ve got the data but how do you determine correlations and causes? Statistical capabilities are an often under-discussed aspect of data science roles.

Chisel’s statistics assessments allow you to objectively evaluate the statistical abilities of your new team mates.

Data Interpretation

New tools can make it easy to run regression analysis, and other techniques to help identify relationships in your information. But can your candidates provide the “so what” behind the results?

Our data interpretation assessment helps you understand what level of insight your team can define.

Machine Learning & AI

Machine learning applications can take your data-driven strategies to the next level. But, you need practitioners who know the tools and techniques to help you execute. 

Big Data Engineering

Analytics starts with data. Acquiring, structuring and managing the information is the core of a database engineer’s role, and a critical element of your data science needs. 

Our assessment gives you confidence that the candidates are capable with Big Data management.

Data Sciences

Our consolidated Data Science assessment is a great resource for objectively and simply assessing data science skills.

From data acquisition, modeling and analysis, and data interpretation, you can feel confident in the skills your team has.

Visualizations and Report Development

Relaying information to key stakeholders is a critical aspect of data science strategy. With a bevy of available tools, it’s important to be able to effectively relay information in a variety of ways.

Our assessment helps you understand candidates abilities to design and execute reporting and visualizations in leading business intelligence tools. 

Chisel's Simple, Self-Service Options Allow You
to Move Forward -- When You Need To

Sign Up and Invite Candidates

Simply enter the candidates email address and select the assessments you want to leverage.

You can upload as many candidates as needed using a .CSV or Excel file. 

Add Your Existing Team

Partnering with other analytics managers or leadership who you want to see results? Add them to your account and start partnering. 

View and Manage Assessments

Simple dashboard allows you to see candidate progress and results, send reminders, or perform additional assessments. 


Simple Pricing
$20.99 per Assessment
$50 per Team Member, per Month

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