Keep your analytics
projects organized

Chisel makes launching and managing data analytics projects easy

Whether you have the perfect data team or are looking to add to it, data analytics
projects require ongoing time and attention. With the number of people, tools, data
sets and information involved, it can be challenging to keep track.

Having been in the trenches, Chisel understands the complexities of managing an analytics project while also delivering the actual work. With this expertise, Chisel
has developed custom project management tools and templates to:

marker increase speed to project launch

marker streamline data management

marker communicate with your internal and remote teams

marker standardize project management processes

Have remote employees or contractors? Easily assign them to projects and keep
resources and conversations in a centralized location. Adding specialists from
other parts of your organization outside of your usual process? Use these project
management tools to provide structure and organization.

Project Management Built
for Analytics

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Looking for best practices for new projects, especially when not something your team has traditionally executed?

Chisel’s recommended project templates are a great and quick way to get started.

Stay Organized

Manage information around
each project, such as:

– Documents
– Data sets
– Code or query
– Create libraries of the
insights being generated

Stay on Track

Task management and

– Common tasks for an
analytics efforts – ETL,
model refresh, publishing
new dashboards, etc.
– Assigning tasks to project

Manage Your Remote

Integrate external experts
from our talent network for
specialized needs or to
quickly scale [should this
go under project work?

– Request proposals
– Review and select
– Manage the NDA process
– Manage the contractor payment process

Integrate Your
Internal Team

Add to and manage your

– Review candidates
– Schedule interviews and
collaborate with your team
– Capture interview notes
and comments to share

Chisels’ subscription plans aren’t only for hiring talent

With the subscription, you’ll have access to these project management tools, developed
specifically for managing data analytics projects. Sign up for a free trial today!

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