Make Progress on Your Analytics Journey

We help our clients transform through analytics and data science - and build the data-driven teams they need.

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Data-driven organizations start with the basics. Here's how Chisel can help.


Opportunity identification and strategy development

Understand the business challenges you can solve with data


Data management and governance

Source, ingest and manage the data you need to deliver insights


Data applications and analysis

Use cutting-edge analytics and technology to solve problems


Reporting and data visualization

Make your data tell a story for stakeholders

Chisel's End-to-end Analytics Solutions for your Business


Chisel’s team of data and analytics experts can help you develop the strategies and execute your plans for data


Looking for the right talent is always a challenge and can be especially tough for analytics and data-focused roles. Our talent solutions make it simple to find the talent you need – quickly.


In today’s environment, keeping your teams connected is critical. Chisel’s tools built for analytics teams improve collaboration and help you move forward.

We help our clients become data driven

How analytics can help your business

Small Businesses

Analytics is essential for smaller organizations and startups looking for insight into their customers and product performance. Chisel is designed to help your business access the top analytics talent and techniques you need to drive insights, at a flexible price point.

Consulting and Professional Services

Service-based firms increasingly need strong analytics capabilities to meet customer demands and deliver business strategies. Chisel allows you to supplement your team with proven specialists to tackle your biggest client challenges.

Retail and eCommerce

Understanding customer preferences and experiences drives revenue and customer retention. Chisel gives you the capabilities you’ll need to manage your analytics efforts and start deriving insights.


Focusing on improvements in quality of care requires the best analytics talent and an aggressive pursuit of new capabilities. Chisel can help you find the project-based or full-time talent you need to drive a patient-based analytics strategy.

Business Operations and Supply Chain

Every organization can use data to inform business strategies, mitigate risk, and optimize processes and supply chain performance. Chisel gives you the right tools to grow your team and easily manage your programs so you can drive continuous improvement.

Simple, self-service tools to help you make progress


Improve connectivity among your analytics teams with our project-based tools built for analytics

Skill assessments and training

Better understand the capabilities of incoming hires and your existing teams across core areas

Team size and staffing needs

Not sure what your needs are? Our simple calculator can help you determine staffing needs.

Insights from Chisel’s team of experts

While most large companies have made great headway on their analytics journey, It’s small and medium sized businesses that stand the most to gain.

People, Process & Technology Levers to Improve Analytics

Building the correct, data-driven culture is the foundation of a successful analytics program. This starts even before you hire your team.

How Analytics Leaders are Adjusting to a New Normal

We spoke to analytics leaders – executives, managers and practitioners, to understand how they’re responding to current events, and their strategies moving forward.

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