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Our Clients Span Industry and Functional Areas

Data and its applications play a foundational role for organizations in every industry and functional sector.

While certain uses may be more applicable than others, data and analytics are an indisputable pillar of successful business strategy. 
Having data practitioners with expertise in your industry can be a tremendous asset.

For example, if your company is exploring the expansion into a new arena, adding analytics or data science professionals with experience in that field could catapult your efforts and save you thousands of dollars down the road.

No matter what vertical you specialize in or are targeting for business growth, Chisel consultants are available to help your organization. We can help you define your needs and staff your teams with top talent

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Every organization can use data to inform business strategies, mitigate risk, and optimize operations and improve supply chain performance. Chisel gives you the right tools to grow your team and easily manage your programs so you can drive continuous improvement.

Big data is a foundational element for financial firms. From fraud and risk mitigation and detection, through smart offerings, data and its uses can inform operational and consumer facing strategies.

Focusing on improvements in quality of care requires the best analytics talent and an aggressive pursuit of new capabilities. We’ve built leading-edge analytics teams for our healthcare clients, using both full-time placements and contract-based staff.

Service-based firms increasingly need strong analytics capabilities to meet customer demands and deliver business strategies. We partner with consulting firms to help them scale their teams with data science capabilities and broaden their service offerings. 

Understanding customer preferences and experiences drives revenue and customer retention. We’ve helped our clients in retail develop smarter pricing and demand forecasting strategies, implement new business intelligence and other digital tools to execute their marketing and sales efforts, and develop leading teams to execute going forward. 

Similar to other consumer and retail focused firms, hospitality and travel services companies can use data to be smarter. We’ve helped our clients in hospitality migrate to cloud-based infrastructure, implement self-service analytics tools, and start uncovering insights into customer behavior. 

Analytics isn’t only a for-profit need. Non profit and public sector firms can benefit in many of the same ways. We’ve partnered with non profits to define way to implement data-driven strategies, helping them improve operations, find efficiencies, reach more donors, and reduce costs. 

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