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Customized workshops to help you upskill your teams

Sessions tailored to your organization

Custom Workshops

Each business is different. often using different technology and facing different challenges. 


We provide custom training to help you understand how to identify, build and deploy data science solutions. 

icon-list Identifying opportunities for Data Science

icon-list Building and deploying Data Science models

icon-list Technology and infrastructure

End-to-End Data Science

Stay ahead of the curve with this 3-day hands on course that covers the full data science lifecycle and the tools you’ll need to execute. 

icon-list Machine Learning Models and Deployment

icon-list Feature Engineering

icon-list Exploratory Analysis

Hands on Deep Learning

A hands-on introduction to Deep Learning using Python covering fundamentals of Neural Networks and Deep Learning models.

icon-list Convultional Neural Networks

icon-list Recurrent Neural Networks

icon-list Long & Short-Term Memory

Real-World Computer Vision

Hands-on workshop on Computer Vision development and deployment. 


icon-list Image Processing

icon-list Video Analytics

About Our Experts

icon-list Ph.D from The Ohio State University (US) in Applied Statistics and Optimization

icon-list 10+ years of Data Science experience in companies such as Petronas (Kuala Lumpur), United Health Group, General Electric (GE), [24]7 Innovation Labs and Mu Sigma.

icon-list Experienced in use of R/Python for Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing/Text Mining and Optimization

icon-list Has mentored 100’s of aspiring and experienced data scientists

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