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Data Science Digest Data Scientist Digest 1

7 Steps to Mastering Data Preparation for Machine Learning with Python Author: Matthew Mayo, KDNuggets Source: How: Pandas library, Python, EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis) When to use this: when…

What IT Managers Need to Know about Data Science Why you can’t keep up with requests for data science support

The volumes and sources of data are snowballing. To support this avalanche of data are a growing number of applications and tools for analytics and data science. (more…)

Recruiting for the Data Sciences People in other departments can’t get the data analytics they need

When departments can't get the data analytics support they need, it can hinder progress for your company and risk your competitive edge. This lack of support can arise when people…

Innovation and Transformation We can’t tell where to prioritize our investments

Not being able to tell where to prioritize your investment decisions is not anyone's idea of a good business plan. Whether you're a CEO or a small business owner, you…

Data Science Digest Analyzing What’s Out There. Predicting What You Need to Know.

As a data specialist, expectations are high. Data scientists are perceived as essentially magicians, who can wrangle data, whip up an algorithm and pull a result out of their hat.…

What IT Managers Need to Know about Data Science Having a Competitive Edge using Data Science

Many IT or operations managers are expected to provide data and analytics to help their organizations achieve and keep a competitive edge. Yet not all in these roles have the…

Recruiting for the Data Sciences Recruiting Data Scientists – Overview of the Industry

Do you struggle to find qualified candidates for data analytics positions? Are job descriptions and hiring requirements sometimes vague and other times overly technical? (more…)

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