I need a range of different talents, but don’t have the budget for multiple hires. Is there another option?

As the technology manager in your company, you dread this scenario: Analytics are not providing the needed results for your organization.

You know your organization needs a wide range of talented data professionals who understand how to capture, manage, interpret, communicate and leverage data to discover problems and propose solutions. With the right team, you’re confident that your department could deliver actionable insights from data and models.

However, your team does not have the needed range of different skills to deliver actionable insights. On top of that, you are working with a shoestring budget. So how, on a tight budget, do you bring to your company the range of talent you need to provide the expected results from analytics?

How to Hire Top Talent on a Shoestring Budget

With a small budget and a tight analytics talent market, you are already facing an uphill battle. You could follow one of two paths to solve this problem. You could hire a full-time employee or you could blend your existing team with contract analysts.

However, if you’re not certain about what precise skills you need, if what you need spans multiple job roles, or you need someone to add value from day one, then hiring a temporary contractor for particular projects may be the better choice.

This increases the available talent pool, as many data professionals are freelancing because of the flexibility it offers. Many analysts name work-life balance as their most important element when choosing a job.

You can hire contract analysts for a single project or as a short-term team member. With this kind of hire, you can offer them the flexibility they want, which can decrease the cost, and increase the value you will see. Plus, you can hire people with industry expertise for the period you most need that additional experience, maximizing your investment. These temporary hires can really help make a small budget go farther.

Contracting out work also permits you to test out new hires to see whether they are a good fit for the company. If you, and the rest of the organization, sees the value the contractor is adding to the bottom line, it will be easier to get budget for a full-time hire, as well as bringing on project analysts in the future.

What would a project hire look like?

Let’s say you have a specific project that needs to get done in the next sixty days, in addition to your regular responsibilities. You are one analyst short of completing it. You don’t have time to look for the right analyst…plus once you found her/him, the only training you have time for is how to use the coffee machine.

In that case, you might consider working with a partner like Chisel Analytics. By leveraging our vetted talent pool, you can augment your team as needed. You will get a different range of talent with precisely the skills you need as well as any industry-specific experience required. Chisel can help you find the right talent for a single project, for a permanent addition to your team or to help launch your data analytics organization. With new talent onboard, departments will start seeing the results they expected from your data analytics team.

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