Departments can’t get the reports and insights that they need

As a leader in your company, you understand the importance of data to building robust customer experiences and having efficient operations. However, many companies collect lots of data but are unable to get the reports and insights to make that data actionable.

Why? Many companies lack the data science tools and applications needed to provide relevant reporting and insights. A 2017 Forbes Insights/Dun & Bradstreet study said that 59% of companies do not use advanced analytic tools. Also, IT managers must deal with talent pool disconnects. The demand for data scientists is outstripping the supply.

Lack of Proper Advanced Analytic Tools

This lack of proper tools hinders IT managers from fulfilling their mission. Without the right tools, it is tough for IT managers to ensure all the work pursuing analytics harmonizes with the company’s objectives. For example, the Forbes/D&B study further stated that:

  • 23% of companies surveyed still use spreadsheets to perform data work.
  • 17% use dashboards that barely move them away spreadsheets.
  • 19% use no analytical tools more advanced than basic data models and regressions.

If your company falls into one of these statistical categories, that’s a reason why your company can’t get the insights and reporting it needs.

Lack of Qualified Talent

Besides lacking the proper tools, IT managers face a shortage of analytics talent. Finding the right data scientists is vital to providing meaningful analytics. Most data-driven companies understand the demand side. A LinkedIn study showed that companies based in the United States need 150,000 data analytics positions filled right now.

However, when a company hires one data person, CEOs, and HR fail to understand they can’t do everything. Upper management does not appreciate the steps involved to generate the insights they need. Forbes reported that data scientists spend 80% of their time cleaning up messy data. This consumption of time slows down the development process.

For clarity on the situation, department heads will need education about the steps required in the data capturing and reporting processes, and a deeper understanding of the types of roles needed to execute their objectives. Once completed, they should be able to make informed decisions regarding hiring qualified data scientists and the importance of those investments.

How Hiring Data Specialists Can Ramp Up Your Insight Generation

Many companies struggle to find the right tools and talent to transform their data into actionable insights. Staffing with permanent or as-needed analytics talent can help you in the following ways:

Stay Proactive in an Ever-changing Environment: The area of analytics changes as fast as the volume of data increases. Keeping up with the rapid changes in technologies, programming languages, and analytical tools are difficult for companies and their training staff. Vetted, on-demand data scientists, engineers, and visualization professionals can partner with your company. That means access to talent specific to your data needs.

Activate Innovation: If your company relies on its agility to better serve customers and keep a competitive edge, activating the newest techniques and approaches in analytics helps you do this. An on-demand analytics team can help you experiment or pursue leading-edge innovations with little long-term commitment. These temporary assignments provide results without permanently adding to head count.

Scalability Without a Big Buy-In: As your company’s needs evolve, your data team needs to maintain flexibility. By integrating on-demand data scientists with your existing data science team, you gain quick-response capabilities and enhance your ability to deliver information and insights to your company. Or, if your organization is resistant to investing in building a data science team, start with external specialists to prove the business case.

As the IT Manager, your responsibilities extend well beyond data science. Yet the expectations to deliver on the promise of data often fall on your shoulders – many times without the resources required. On-demand analytics may be a way to start, giving you access to the right data talent and tools to solve most analytics problems.

Chisel helps businesses of all sizes find top quality, vetted data science professionals, when you need them. Whether you need permanent, temporary, or project-based talent, we can help you manage data and create the data analytics required to propel your organization forward.

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