Evolving your analytics programs for the current moment

Complete your transition to the Cloud

More than ever, managing your information in a distributed way is important. Not only can it help you realize efficiencies in processing, but it can also allow you to scale up your volumes of data, distribute your support needs and improve overall performance of your software and data driven efforts.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and more recently, the Google Cloud Platform allow you to build and deploy data centric applications that scale with your needs.

Lean on a distributed Team

If your data is distributed in the cloud, why can’t your team be distributed physically, even geographically? With the current environment, we are quickly proving that traditional location strategies are not fully necessary, and most of your efforts can be distributed with employees working remotely or from home.

A distributed team opens other options, including tapping into talented individuals across the country, instead of concentrating your efforts to find talent in a specific area.

Of course, collaboration and the ability to partner will remain key, but there are many tools on the market that enable communication and knowledge sharing, and that provide ancillary benefits such as improved documentation and the ability to capture detail on your objectives and internal processes.

Scale Up or Down with an On-Demand Workforce

It remains true that analytics and data science represent a fast-evolving series of technologies and applications. This quick evolution requires a nimble team and flexible leadership to adjust strategies to take advantage of the techniques that are best for your business.

To stay nimble, using an on-demand workforce for elements of your data science team can open up the ability to quickly capture benefits, while keeping your operationally lean with the ability to adjust as dynamics change. Finding a talent partner that can support you and your team with the on-demand analytics workforce you need is crucial to capturing these benefits.

Chisel Analytics can provide talent solutions to help you capitalize on a new set of opportunities and allow you to keep moving your analytics programs forward. Our proprietary skill assessments and tools allow you to find and collaborate with your analytics partners to keep you moving forward.

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