How To Create a Supply of Data Scientists and Analysts To Hire On-Demand

Hiring managers keep telling you that it is taking too long on average to fill data science positions.
In response, you want to create a pool of pre-qualified candidates so that you have a list of data professionals you can hire quickly for short-term or long term projects.

How To Create a Supply of Data Scientists and Analysts To Hire On-Demand

Understand the Typical Needs

Data science roles can fall into various buckets, from programming to data wrangling, from data visualization to data analytics. The skills for each type of role are different, so being clear about current strengths and weaknesses in the organization now can help when you are searching for that next hire.

Widen Your Search

Some of the best data scientist candidates may not come from a typical path. As an emerging field, and with companies employing data professionals in a variety of capacities, it may not be that a traditional resume or college education guarantees a qualified candidate. Maybe a graphic designer would be a good data visualization employee. Maybe a mechanical engineer would be ideal as an analyst.

There are many online resources and courses where people can learn software and key principals. With fierce competition for talent, considering unusual backgrounds might gain you access to brilliant talent.

Why Working With a Data Analytics Talent Partner is Your Best Option

While considering alternative options to build a ready list of potential candidates, you will still want to validate that they have the hard skills needed to work at your company. This is where working with a company that vets data professionals is essential.

These companies do the leg work of qualifying data professionals. They ensure that candidates have data science fundamentals and evaluate varying skill sets to make it easier for you to choose the right candidate for your job quickly. You do not even need to understand all of the terminologies within the data science space. For instance, if you let your talent analytics partner know you are looking for some with NLP experience, they will find that person for you.

As an added benefit, a talent analytics partner will help you find candidates who not only understand the task at hand but also allow you to “try out” candidates first. This permits you to vet for fit, and the candidates can get a realistic sense of the role, responsibilities, and culture before either side makes a permanent commitment.

Chisel Analytics is a top talent analytics partner which can find the right data science and analytics talent to help you create a robust pipeline of qualified data professionals. Chisel vets top talent with our proprietary skill assessments across 6 key elements to ensure you hire the most skilled analyst for your critical needs. We ensure that the candidate fits your mission, culture, and strategy. As a result, you can create a strong pool of professionals from which to hire on-demand data scientists and analysts.

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