Introducing Chisel Analytics

Introducing Chisel

Each year, companies produce volumes of data from operations, transactions, web activity, and IOT, creating an avalanche of information available to those looking to better serve customers and refine business strategy. But by now it’s common to hear that, despite the availability and amount of data generated, companies still struggle to turn their information into insight and the benefits aren’t readily available to every company.


  • Analytics can feel complex.  Despite recognizing its potential impact, many organizations don’t know how to capitalize on their information to inform business strategy, improve customer experiences or enhance operations.
  • Uncertainty in how to implement — This feeling of complexity can create uncertainty in finding the right talent and setting up the right management structure to support analytics, inhibiting adoption across organizations and putting stress on your hiring efforts.

That’s why we created Chisel. We believe that analytics shouldn’t be complicated.

Our mission is to provide access to the tools and talent you need to develop or expand your analytics efforts – when you need to — to tackle that next business challenge.

  • Find top analytics talent from across the data spectrum – our platform gives you access to the talent you need to execute everything from data wrangling to the implementation of BI tools, and ultimately to deriving insights from your information.
  • Execute using our analytics-focused project management tools — find, integrate, collaborate with, and manage your on-demand and internal analytics teams, keep track of your data-driven efforts, and highlight the core insights you gain across your organization.
  • Push the envelope – reduce your organization’s hesitation in pursuing the newest analytics techniques and explore new capabilities without a large time or resource commitment to get started and prove the concept is right for your company.
  • Institutionalize your analytics success – go beyond traditional hiring practices, and pursue permanent placements from a vetted pool of analytics professionals based on your direct experience with each individual.

Get started today – take our simple assessment, tackle your next business challenge and grow your analytics capabilities quickly with Chisel.

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