It takes too long to find quality data scientists.

Has the range of your data scientist talent search shrunk to the point that it takes too long for you to find quality analytics professionals? Nowadays, this is common because the demand for these professionals is outstripping the supply.

Quality data professionals possess an array of technical and analytical skills that are in high demand. However, the overall pool of these professionals contains a small number of qualified candidates. You might bring in a large number of candidates to interview with your hiring manager. However, they tell you that the candidate did not fit the scope of skills for which the company is looking.

The Best Ways to Find Quality Data Scientists

Another reason for your small range of qualified analysts is that a large population of them work at larger firms. At the more prominent companies, they can utilize their skills at a peak level and help the company expand while growing professionally. However, a significant number are also electing to do freelance work. These data professionals enjoy the flexibility contract work provides them. It also permits to discover career paths that suit their skill sets, and professional goals.

Because of the tight analytics talent market, this kind of “gig” economy is growing. As a result of its growth, firms of all sizes see this market type as a way to expand their range of talent acquisition. Firms thrive from this market’s flexibility because they can find vetted data professionals for their precise needs.

As you know, having a broad range of qualified talent from which to choose helps to find competent candidates faster. Recruiting a capable analytics team is vital to your company’s implementation of its data-driven culture.

The ability to find talent quickly helps you accomplish that mission and meet the high-pressure demands of hiring managers and senior leadership. In a competitive market, it’s hard enough to find candidates for permanent roles. When you post jobs for short-term engagements and the scope of able candidates is small, the challenge to quickly find qualified candidates intensifies.

How to Quickly Hire Quality Data Analytics Talent

When a request does reach your desk, the need for a candidate has likely existed for a while, and budget approval and HR processes might further delay action. What isn’t always understood is that the pool of potential talent is quite small.

Everyone, including you, is anxious to get the position filled fast. Methods that work in other roles has been proving more challenging for data science roles, whether for data visualization, database management or other data analytics roles. You and recruiters at other organizations scan profiles on LinkedIn, but here’s the big question. Not being a data scientist yourself, are you confident that the potential candidates are as capable as they proclaim?

Furthermore, do you miss potential candidates because you are unfamiliar with the technical jargon of the hiring manager’s job description? Are you sure the skill level portrayed on the profile is as senior as the candidate proclaims? Not knowing or using the software referenced, you are limited by what the ATS lists, but unintentionally skip potential candidates skilled in similar technologies whom could quickly and easily transition to the in-house solution?

With a tight hiring time frame, the pressure is on you to ensure that the candidates you bring in meet the quality thresholds. To reduce your timeline significantly, you could work with an organization that pre-screens candidates for you or gives you tools to ensure the candidate has the abilities they proclaim.

Working with such an organization make it easy for you to research a candidate’s skills. Also, your hiring manager will have confidence in the capabilities of the prospect they are interviewing. This frees up your time to work on other hiring positions, and to focus on screening technically qualified candidates for culture and fit, knowing their technical and analytics skills are already verified.

Chisel Analytics can widen your range of potential data science talent for your company. Whether you are recruiting for a specific need, team growth, or a change from your current direction, we can partner with you to find qualified data professionals with the skill sets you need.

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