Make the Most of Data Analytics With Chisel

Better Understanding Data Analytics

In our information-based economy, data is the foundation. Effective data analysis, management, and information delivery can make the difference between the rapid growth or plateauing of a business

The mission of Chisel Analytics is to help your business gain access to top data analytics consultants to help you pursue insight-driven improvements to your company’s operations. Chisel’s platform pairs businesses with analytics consultants with the insight and expertise to turn your data into action and transform your business, and allows you to manage your analytics efforts and scale your capabilities up or down based on your unique needs.

Data analytics, through Chisel, can help you reduce inefficiency and optimize operations to save time and resources. That means more growth, faster.

Why Your Business Should Pursue Advanced Analytics

Understanding the specific needs and preferences of various customer groups can determine how an advertising or sales campaign performs.

Want to figure out what products your customers may like? Or how you can adjust your pricing to drive increased sales over the next six months? Techniques with data analysis can help you better understand these elements of your customer base and achieve these objectives.

Effective use of data is also critical to understanding areas of improvement and optimization across business operations.

Want to understand where your medical supply company is least efficient with its resources? Or where you can optimize your supply chain operations? Using data effectively can help you to identify these areas for opportunity.

Effectively answering questions such as these can save your company thousands of dollars and allow you to maximize return on your investment.

Companies seeking insights on their operations, ways to pursue automation, or implementing more advanced, leading-edge methods such as deep learning must rely heavily on advanced analytics to achieve these goals.

As businesses of all sizes begin to rely more on these data-based techniques it’s guaranteed that data analytics will become a fundamental aspect of every company’s business strategy.

Every year, the amount of data created nearly doubles, creating petabytes of information that is of no value to most companies. Only an experienced data analyst, data scientist, or business intelligence analyst will be able to take all of this data and create vitally important information for your company and clients. Applying advanced analytical techniques requires the right talent, at the right time.

That’s why Chisel’s cutting edge approach is expertly designed to match your needs with the most qualified data analysts to help you turn data into actionable insights.

The Analytics Spectrum:

There are generally three separate approaches for how data is analyzed and applied.

Least complex and Most Common: Descriptive and Diagnostic:

The most common analytic approaches involve  descriptive and diagnostic analysis, where past performance, such as sales or productivity rates and corresponding decisions, is used to  isolate the drivers of specific outcomes.

This analysis can then be used to understand where the company is performing best, what specific products or services made it attractive to customers, or for finding out where resources were most efficiently applied. Chisel professionals can help to identify and describe these issues.

More complicated, but High Value: Predictive

Descriptive and diagnostic analysis, if effectively done, creates a building block for predictive analysis. Predictive analytics take the outcomes of past events and joins them to current factors to anticipate potential outcomes.

For example, predictive analytics can be used in the foodservice industry to anticipate where and when customer volume will increase and more staff  and other resources may be needed to meet demand. As a simple example, if particular events – weather or other – have historically caused a surge in demand, you can reasonably assume that similar outcomes will occur during similar events in the future.

Predictive analytics also presents significant potential to the financial services sector, particularly when determining which investment opportunities are likely to assign value, and which may underperform based on market factors or events.

Predictive analysis is one of the best ways for your company to understand exactly what is needed and in what area, if performed well by a qualified data analyst or scientist.

The right data specialist from Chisel can help you prepare for the future and optimize your organization’s strategy..

Highest value and newest: Pre-emptive

Pre-emptive analytics allow an organizations to anticipate and adjust to outcomes before they happen, building off of a data foundation and prior events. New technologies such as machine learning, neural networks and the application of Big Data, are critical to pursue these advanced techniques.

Chisel has created a network of data specialists on the leading-edge of these techniques, who are ready to partner with you on a full-time basis, or to help your current team address specific challenges and opportunities on specific projects.

How to Make the Most of Data With Chisel

One of the key issues in data management, data analytics or data science, tis the difficulty in finding a qualified and experienced data specialist in these fields. It is a position that usually requires a master’s degree at a minimums.

In fact, data scientists are so sought after that it has been voted the most desirable career in the US for three years in a row. However, for small or medium-sized organizations, committing a full time resource to help pursue the potential for analytics may be challenging.

To make data analytics more accessible, Chisel has built a network of independent analytics consultants and data scientists. Through its curated talent pool, Chisel connects clients with the best data specialists in the field, and allows you to scale your analytics efforts up or down based on your current challenges. You can also integrate your current team – managing the work you’re currently doing, and partnering your internal resources with Chisel’s pool of specialists.

With our simple but comprehensive needs assessments, Chisel uses 7 questions to ensure that each client is paired with experienced and qualified specialists that fit their individual needs.

For your company and employees to thrive, it is vital that you make the most of the possibilities that a sound data foundation and the effective application data analytics can provide. It’s also important that you partner with only the best and most experienced data specialists available.

With Chisel, organizations across industry and of various sizes can find the data analyst, data scientist, or business intelligence analyst that is right for them, for as long as they need them. With our tailored application process and dedication to finding the perfect match for both client and candidate, Chisel is the best platform for both businesses and data specialists.

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