The Market for Analytics Talent Is Tightening

As more companies realize what an incredible corporate asset their data can be. finding the right analytics talent has become increasingly critical to pursuing impactful, data-driven strategies.  However, the market for analytics talent is one of the most competitive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 30 percent market increase within the field over the next seven years. The field is growing faster than data analysis jobs can be filled.

Many organizations are struggling to find the right employees to turn their data into actionable insights. Compounding this inaccessibility is a lack of clarity on what organizations need to be truly successful in their pursuits, how that translates to data-focused skill sets, and how to assess the quality of talent.

Pursuing Analytics in the Gig Economy

Like their peers, data-focused professionals are increasingly pursuing opportunities in the “gig” economy. Using their talents through freelancing gives analysts the flexibility to pursue tailored career options and achieve work-life balance.

The growth of the gig economy is helping these professionals realize their goals, and, conversely, organizations of all sizes are beginning to pursue a freelance workforce as a service strategy to tap into this growing base of talent.

Imagine the flexibility it could afford your organization to have on-demand analytics talent ready to jump in at a moment’s notice. You can easily see the advantage of tapping into this resource, especially if you have different data analysis needs on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

3 Advantages to Leveraging an On-Demand Analytics Workforce

  1. Stay Ahead of a Rapidly Evolving Field
    The field of analytics is changing as rapidly as technology. With a seemingly endless array of techniques, programming languages, analytical tools, and the growth of capabilities like machine learning and its counterpart, AL – all of which are based on leveraging data – it can be tough for organizations and their training curricula to keep up.Here is a simple example: There are currently almost 600 different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software packages available on the market – and more are being created all the time! Which one is the right package for a company this week, next month or during the next holiday shopping season? Keep in mind that this is just for customer relations; never mind the data that you may be compiling regarding production, R&D or other areas!
    An on-demand workforce of vetted data scientists, engineers and visualization professionals can partner with your HR departments. This allows you to access a talent pool specific to an opportunity or to meet a new challenge while using the latest techniques.
  2. Capture First-Mover Advantages
    Hyper-competitive, consumer-focused companies are in an arms race to use their data to better serve customers and find a competitive edge in the market. If you’re in this category, taking advantage of the latest techniques and approaches in analytics can help you do so.An on-demand analytics workforce can help you tap into these new techniques without committing to costly consulting engagements that leave you with little more than a PowerPoint. (We’ve all been there.)
  3. Scale Your Workforce Without Significant Resource Commitments
    Even the largest and most resource-intensive companies have evolving needs that require agility in their solutions. Many of these companies look to take a “startup” mentality to key challenges, but lack the flexibility in staffing and technology to do so.An on-demand analytics workforce that integrates with existing teams can give you rapid-response capabilities and improve your ability to deliver new data-driven solutions much more quickly. Now imagine having access to a team of on-demand analysts with tools to collaborate on your data-driven needs!

The Chisel Analytics Advantage

Chisel Analytics can pair your organization with the right data analytics talent to meet any challenge. You may be looking to change your company’s approach to analytics or need to grow an analytics program from scratch. Our proprietary matching process can find the best analytics consultant for you, whether you’re looking to fill full-time positions or need an on-demand expert on a temporary basis. Chisel also provides our analysts with collaborative tools that can give you team-based solutions at a more accessible cost.

Join Chisel Analytics today for a free solutions-based assessment of your data analysis needs and start finding the talent you’ll need to turn your data into action.

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