Data Science Digest 9

Keeping up is hard for data scientists to do. Chisel Analytics is happy to help!

Title: Pandas Version 1.0 is Out! Top 4 Features Every Data Scientist Should Know

How: Make sure you have the current version of Pandas. If yours is an older version (includes 2.x), please update with
$ pip install –upgrade pandas==1.0.0rc0
Also, “first upgrade to Pandas 0.25 and to ensure your code is working without warnings, before upgrading to pandas 1.0.”
When to use this: When you want to: filter and “analyze categorical and text-based features;” do calculations with missing values to generate “null” versus false; present data about the info in your dataframe or markdown tables in a clear fashion; plus more enhancements.
Why it’s helpful: Now this widely used library offers: Dedicated DataTypes for strings, New Scalar for Missing Values, Improved Data Information Table, Markdown format for Dataframes.
Suggested application: When sharing information with those not used to working in the datasets or keeping logs for future and quick reference, or running calculations that can incorporate more records by leveraging a “null” value versus “false”.
Business impact or insights to be gained: as more real world challenges are faced by data professionals, this open source data analysis/ manipulation tool continues to evolve to provide fast, flexible and expressive data structures for working with relational or labeled data

Title: 60 Top Data Science Tools: In-depth Guide [2020 update]

How: Go to to search for tables, images or text datasets (or submit your dataset for inclusion)
Why it’s helpful: What are the norms/ trends across the industry in 2020.
Suggested application: If you are considering learning new programs, learn what is hot in the market.
Business impact or insights to be gained: If you are recommending new investments in software or positioning your organization to attract new talent, it’s helpful to know what is relevant in the marketplace.

Title: 2020 vision: It’s all about agile

Author: Ian Stone
How: Chief Planning Officer (CPO) is the new role to watch for in 2020, which role will heavily use of cloud based and AI systems.
When to use this:  If your company wishing to respond more quickly to changes in the market and customer demands.
Why it’s helpful: In an uncertain global economy and businesses having to consider environmental impacts and rapidly changing consumer preferences, an ability to identify, evaluate, recommend and implement change quickly is vital.
Suggested application: Evaluate moving into new markets or respond to customer demands
Business impact or insights to be gained: Intelligent planning – the application of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to business forecasting and planning processes.

Bonus: Be sure to download a copy of this great infographic – Data Fallacies to Avoid. Share it with coworkers, post it around the office, and occasionally remind yourself”

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